Introduction/The Reason I started coaching

I’m coach Berto, (I’m  not a grammar major so don’t judge my slang or )

I have been coaching for about 7 years! yes that’s it, I’m not an O.G in the game yet but I love this sport! So let me give you a quick background on me. I am and will always will be a student of the game. My coaching mentor is Keith Tasaka who is a coach at the University of Mary Washington. Defensive mechanics is my specialty! I am well versed in the KOBATA defensive mechanics. Through my years I have learned how to coach a team with different personalities different ways to get the same results.  I have seen and been through so many goods and bads of rec/travel/school ball. Seen the best and worst parents, kids who would give anything to work harder and entitled players, costs of it all, recruiting and all of the above. I will keep it one hundred so if honesty isn’t something you’re looking for then its probably best to move on to the blog that will tell you what you want to hear.

so here we go:

I never loved the game of softball or baseball,  actually thought it was boring and simple so I never really took the time to give it a second thought. Then I became a father, my daughter really wasn’t into sports at all ( that’s my fault, we were to lazy to get out and do things like that) so we decided one day to throw her into softball at age 9 since I knew soccer was a lot of running. I assumed ” this is an easy sport so lets give it a shot”.

why did I start coaching? It wasn’t my choice if you can believe that, wasn’t my daughters either. There was a parent from Vanessa’s (my daughter) Rec ball team that noticed I was always at practice, so she told me to get off the bleachers and help with the outfield and that’s all she wrote! I was like a “Team Dad” had the cooler with the Gatorades for the kids and was always getting the dugout rowdy and keeping the kids motivated.  I actually thought rec ball was where it was at, like I truly thought we were balling for real. So I became a head coach for rec ball and thought I was doing big things! I was one of those dads that was like yea my daughter pitches so I can coach my own team we gonna be alright!  lol

well then I had to learn the game, simple things I didn’t know. who covered where? and why? how to run a practice and all  the above. i really thought the game of softball was so simple that i could go out and learn it, coach it and start winning ( in rec ball mind you) immediately!  BOY WAS I WRONG!

The benefit of it all at this point was time spent with my daughter, Vanessa was back and forth between her mom an I so I didn’t get to see her everyday since we rotated days and weekends. This gave use the chance to see each other almost everyday!  We always had a great bond but this game is part of the glue that is the bond of father daughter relationship between my daughter and I. I love every second of it!

not bad for my first blog? first post? I tend to ramble and I have some A-D-D so I might split off into another subject real quick and eventually float back to the point. I will keep it real and I will keep honesty!


Coach Berto


4 thoughts on “Introduction/The Reason I started coaching”

  1. Berto, do you recall when Hannah was guest playing for you and REALLY wanted to show you she could actually hit. However, she was so focused on trying to impress you and the team she was struggling. You recognized it immediately and addressed it. You said something that made Hannah laugh and the next shot was a triple!! You are a great coach because you truly love it and have a great way with the girls. Keep blogging! Kelly


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