Coaching my daughter (Part 2 of many)

Today is My baby girls birthday! so I shout it from the roof top “HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANESSA!!!” (this is a quick short post)

So this “coaching my daughter” is going to flash all over the place. This one is more of a emotional post because my daughter turns 17 today and my time as her coach is almost over. I look back and think, how in the world did it go by so fast!
I remember our first tournament and Vanessa didn’t play except every once in a while in left field, she was a hitter so she was in the line up only if she hit, if she struck out then out of the line up she went.. ha ha But it was fun. I never in my mind would of thought that she loved the sport so much. She didn’t swing the bat her first year at all.
Next year about this time, my time will be up. Me coaching my daughter will be over. This is bitter sweet because the coach she will be going to over at Hampton is a great teacher, she understand the game and how to teach it. She will be playing top competition in the big south and I’m excited for her. I am not excited for me (yes I’m selfish), because my eyes swell every time I think about it. I am having a hard time.
My good friend Thomas watched his daughter go to college in the middle of the country and even though that was 2 years ago, I didn’t think I would ever be in that situation. But I am, and now I understand what Thomas went through AND IM STILL A YEAR AWAY. if I could describe what the feeling is I would say, its like knowing the day your heart is going to break and its coming closer and closer.
My daughter is my heart, and watching her play the game she loves is amazing, seeing the fire in her eyes when she is behind the plate. Seeing her fire up teammates because its time to fight back!, seeing her be a general on the field. I sit back in awwww, I love it! I will be 3 hours away and I can go to home games but its going to be tough.
I will embrace the next 14/15 months and memorize everything she does, photographic memory is something I’m going to need. Every at bat, every throw, every warm up, every cheer, every smile I will capture to hold on to forever.
Parents please take the time to enjoy it all, it goes so fast. Take pictures and keep supporting them and telling them you love to watch them play. One day that long drive to tournaments will be gone, one day there will be no more practice, one day they will no longer be children they will be Adults leading this world. Take care of them, love them and enjoy every second!

See you on the field,
Coach Berto

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