Who you yelling at?!

So over the past couple of weeks I have taken some time to go to tournaments and watch some softball. My 12u team has also been competing and they are turning into rock stars I might add!
Ok before my ADD kicks in, let me rant real quick.


Why do grown ass men who coach young ladies feel the need to SCREAM/YELL at them? Listen I get players needing to focus and needing structure and discipline. But is that how you get your point across? Go home and try that shit with your wife or mom, then lets talk about how it works. I’m not perfect I’m not sitting here telling you I have never done it, because I have. I don’t know if you all have ever seen me but I’m not the Mr. Rodgers type, so picture me screaming at your kid for whatever reason, the response is NOT GOOD. In fact I lost a whole team!! when I first started coaching, some to this day will never play the game again.

I’m not sitting here say coddle the players because please believe that’s not the case. In fact for those who are this far into reading it and think I’m crazy or say things like “that’s what’s wrong with kids today, they don’t have any respect”. Let me stop you there, I invite anyone to come to my practice pull up a chair and kick back and watch. You will see no player disrespect me, you will see hustle, you will see hard work and on top of all that you will see players get better. I am a teacher and a student of this game, and I find multiple ways to coach multiple kids to get my point across. I had a parent pull me aside and tell me that the player was so nervous around me and that player couldn’t perform because of it, so guess what I did? I yelled at the player because that works every time!.. I’m kidding! I had to find a new approach to coaching that player. I am a coach! I’m not a drill sergeant.

Do my teams have discipline? of course. But its not stop practice so I can yell. I have a way of getting though to players without yelling. We have a huge hill by the practice field, we have a drill called W’s or Strength and Agility coach Johnson calls them “Sparklers”. There are ways to get the point across and if not then guess what, there are players that will do what is asked. There is a point where a player will recognize and do what they need or they wont, that’s when a conversation needs to be had. But yelling and screaming at them?

So get this, when a player makes an error do you think they forgot about it that quick that you have to remind them by screaming at them in the middle of the game?  “HEY SALLY!!!  YOU NEED TO GET THE BALL! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO GET THE BALL”, I bet sally feels so much better now, great job coach! “SALLY!!  CATCH THE BALL!! IF IT HITS YOUR GLOVE YOU HAVE TO CATCH IT” , I’m sure sally didn’t know that so lets remind her.  I got another one, lets not only remind the player of the mistake they made 100 times lets pull them out of the game in the middle of the inning, that always works. My daughter has played for these coaches, hell I was one. But coaches have to be better, because trust me my email is blowing up, ha ha . My Older Team is a group of players that have no mercy, my 12’s are pushing to be that and they are not far off.

Hey coach! what your team puts on the field on tournament weekends is a mirror vision of YOUR practice! Don’t forget that. Be accountable, be a coach that can adapt and coach in multiple ways. If there is a moment when you have to raise your voice it should be so rare that when the players hear it they tighten up real quick, don’t make it habit. But you do what you want. I am just tired of seeing it. My players don’t walk all over me, they’re not disrespectful. They are hard working young ladies with discipline and structure and guess what, they have fun and they love the game! I know I wont make everyone happy but I’m not in it to make people happy, I am in it to coach players to be able to compete at a high level, oh yea and guess what’s MOST important. They need to get their education!! Oh I know we should have their teachers yell at them too,  lol   Education is key! lets not forget that part!

Ok rant over, whether you agree or disagree that’s up to you, but I lose no sleep either way. But I am always open to good conversation. I am always open for questions or your opinions. I’m not a closed door, I am always game!   OKAAAY!!!  GOT IT!? DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!????  LOL

(just an fyi I watched coaches from 10u up to 14u screaming at their kids,, yea that’s right  10u which means the kids had to be 8/9)

thanks for reading,

Coach Berto

7 thoughts on “Who you yelling at?!”

  1. I yelled at my girls for the very first time the other night at practice. It shocked them so bad not one of them put their hands back on their knees in the field. But Ive felt like shit ever since. They are children, and at the end of the day we don’t want even one of them to quit doing what they love.

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  2. I love this post. I’ve coached my older daughter through 2 years of U10 and 2 years of U12 and couldn’t agree more. In fact I left my older daughter’s team this year to coach 10U for my younger daughter because her coach last year was the non-stop chippy remark maker. At state when he started yelling at the pitcher to just throw strikes (worst thing to possibly say to someone trying to throw strikes) I knew that I needed to make the change. The one thing I’d ad to your post is that its hard for us coaches to remember at the end of the day it is all about the girls and their experience…not ours.


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