Try out season coming up!

Hey all thanks for taking the time to read, ill remind you over and over again these are my opinions and you don’t have to like them. BUT I am going to speak my mind because that’s just what I do!

So lets let the cat out the bag from jump street!   What is the hurry with tryouts? Why do organizations feel the need to have to set tryouts so early?

I used to set my try-outs early because I thought it would get me the athletes I was looking for, you know like early bird gets the worm. I was also trying to compete with these BIG name organizations. But over time I am becoming a coach that players want to play for, so now I’m like “why are tryouts being set so early?”.  Do players like the BIG name organizations? of course they do but players play for coaches! Make yourself a coach that the players want to play for and they will come. I am a testament to that, I said this before that if the commissioner from my first organization and I saw eye to eye then that’s where I would be right now, and I had athletes coming to this small no named organization to play. My mentor told me that from day one “Be the coach that the players want to play for”.

Whatever happened to august being the try-out month? give the players a break, family vacations, let the bodies heal and then tryouts mid month in august. Well all that DIED! I can count over 10 travels teams  in a 10 mile radius of dale city and I’m most likely missing some teams.  So imagine all tryouts are going to be on the same week almost the same time for 10 different organizations all looking for the same thing? Its crazy out there!  Oh and don’t forget the “private confidential” tryout so the player can be painted a prettier picture.

THE PROMISES!!!  don’t forget that too. Listen its time to start being honest with these players. Don’t promise then scholarships and college looks and all that hoopla!  There was a coach that I let my daughter tryout for and he was like “ill get you in college” and all that garbage. Well lets just say Vanessa still plays for me, and she did just about all of the recruiting process on her own. But these coaches are making promises before they even see the kid hit the field.  Don’t paint be a bullshit picture, tell the truth. My character means a lot to me and one thing i will not be known for is the BS and the lies or the stealing players. Do i have players on my team that have committed to play ball, i sure do! did i do it all for them? i sure did not, in fact the leg work the players have to do is a lot. I definitely do my part but i DO NOT make promises.

When I post adds for players, i make that clear. That the only thing i promise is that your player will work for their position, nothing is given on this team, you will learn to embrace hard work on the field and in the classroom, we will seek to play the nations top talent and i expect the athlete to do their part in the recruiting process and I will also do mine. Those are things I promise, and then the player has to feel like “this is the team for me”. So many things have to click for a player to pick a team so STOP rushing them! because if you rush them and they leave mid season don’t get mad because you didn’t stick to your own plan you promised!

If you are looking to rebuild your team every year then there’s a problem.  You shouldn’t be trying to replace every player every year. Be a coach and coach these players to be ballers live up to the title that you accepted and COACH THESE GIRLS!!! stop looking for a quick fix.  There are coaches out there that go as far as to wipe away dues just to get a player, oh trust me that’s a fact i have heard plenty of stories.

Look at the team you have right now, you have had this team since YOU selected them in the fall. They are not progressing so you are seeking to get all these new players. Who failed? the coach or the players?  . Now hustle and effort and attitude is something that a coach doesn’t have full control of, those are different but over all talent, help create it instead of trying to snatch it from someone else.

My Older team has players that get contacted NOW by other teams for my players to go play for them, i find it funny. There are no hostages here, i know what i am capable of as a coach I’m not threatened by anyone trying to “steal” players.  I love my players like they are my own kid, and i give them everything i got, i am NOT concerned about some of these fools gold coaches out there.

Parents/players take your time. There are so many levels of softball out there. Know what your player wants, if they just want to play with friends and get on the field then there are teams for that. If the player wants to play a very high level that’s already established then there are teams out there. Do they want to play in college? or just have fun and enjoy competition with no college ball in mind, there are teams for everyone. There is a fit for everyone. Make sure your player finds a fit, the families are a fit and the coaches are a fit. Then comes the money part but that whole nothing conversation   Just be smart in your choice and ASK QUESTIONS!


I may have rambled this one but its been a while.

please follow the blog if you want updates.


See you on the field,

Coach Berto



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