“C” Ball or “A” Ball?

What level of a ball do you want your daughter playing? Then ask your daughter what level of ball she wants to play. You all know as parents we want our kids to go out there and not only compete against the best but be the best. But really take a second and see what your daughter wants.

This topic came about because I was watching some “C” ball this weekend, and it was very entertaining. Yes there are some flaws but when is the game perfect? You know what I did see? I saw a group of young ladies go out on the field and play their hearts out! and they had fun while they did it. These young ladies just want to play ball their friends and have fun, and there is nothing wrong with that! We are so quick to judge these levels of softball. “oh that’s “C” ball, who wants to play “C” ball”, there are hundreds probably thousands of young ladies all over the country that play “C” ball and they LOVE IT!  The joy in the victory and the sadness in defeat that’s all still there. They come off the field dirty and sweaty with eye black smeared on their faces and they enjoy every second of it. So understand what your daughters goals are and find a fit. Not everyone has to play “A” ball, not everyone wants to go to school to play ball, they just want to enjoy the game/sport they love and enjoy it as long as it lasts!

You want to play “A” ball? are you sure? There are different levels of “A” ball trust me! I thought when my 14u team was moved up to “A” ball we were balling. Until I assumed since we were “A” ball, we would be able to hang with all “A” ball teams. Well we got smashed by a TRUE “A” ball team. Well fast forward to this season, we ran with any and many “A” programs so we decided to venture out. We went to south Carolina and Florida and between the both we went 10-2. Fast forward to this summer, now we are going to the Midwest and west coast to seek even bigger and better challenges.  Me as a coach I want my girls to play the best of the best, and that comes with travel, now do we have to travel? no we do not but I really do not want to play the same team over and over again. Plus I am selfish ha ha  my daughter told me from the beginning she wants to play the best in the country and that we will do!  But you have to be an athlete that loves to work to play some TRUE “A” ball.  You need a coach and a team with a TEAM FIRST mentality. Whether you go out west of stay local or play up and down the coast, the formula has to be perfect.  The coaches, players, parents and the program all have to be on the same page.

Just like college ball,  you have NAIA,JUCO, D3,D2 and D1. There is a fit for everyone! Set YOUR own goals and go get them!!

Don’t force you daughter to do what you couldn’t, let them play and you will see what they want. Be a good parent and just enjoy watching your baby girl play the game she loves! take pictures and bring them water when they are hot and thirsty. But let them decide what they want.



See you on the field!

Coach Berto




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