The tryout panic! (blog/rant warning)

Parents How many of you are honestly panicking about tryouts right now?  Should you stay with the team you are with? Is it time to move on?  if it is time to move on what are the reason behind it?


So here are some questions you should really ask yourself and be HONEST about. in the last year has your daughter gotten better player the sport that she loves? The next question is a tough one because we are ALL biased to our own kids. How good is she? Don’t worry if your player is not a STUD ..  YET! just focus on her progress and if she is progressing then why are you leaving your team now?   That is a good question.

Let me tell you my thought process for my own daughter, I am her coach so its harder but I make hard decisions all the time. So check this out, I literally pick up players that I know are either as good or better than my daughter so I can put pressure on her, my goal is to break her mentally, to find a weak spot and make it stronger. The way my daughter works is if you put her on a team where she has to work her way to the top then she will. For example, we went to the Hampton University camp and she worked hard and did her thing but the coach and I talked and recognized one of those new bad habits. Well let me tell you that night and yesterday she came home and has been working on it non stop and hitting the weights to get strong to be even better. I keep it very real with her. You are either going to FAIL or SUCCEED, that’s life. No gray areas so either suck it up and work harder or lets throw in the towel and move on. But please by all means DO NOT WASTE YOUR OR MY TIME!!  That is how I do it as her coach. If I didn’t coach her team then I’m sure it would be different but I have yet to run into but 1 or 2 coaches that I would trust my daughter to play for. TRUST ME! in the fall I let her work with an 18u team and it was fun and all but practices were weak and the mind sets were not there. If I am going to put my daughter on a team that I am not coaching then I need every single one of those players to make my daughter earn respect, I need every one of those girls on the team to WANT to be better, to WANT the next level, To embrace the hard work and embrace the grind. Because all you need is one or 2 players that are always “distracted” that can be a weak link in the chain. So that’s how I would help her choose. But if you’re a coach and your reading this I need you to calm down because she is playing for me. We started this together and we will finish this together!

Ok there I go with my attention span.

Parents pick a team based on what your daughter wants not what you want.  But at some point you have to make the decision for them because they always want to play with their friends, and if the friends don’t have the same mind set then your running an uphill battle. You don’t want to find yourself seeking a team every 6 months.

Oh and if a coach hits you with the “you need to respond in 48 hours” then I suggest you call their bluff! Because if you are pressed to make that choice without seeing what else is out there then you are going to find yourself a little unhappy mid season.  For me if I offer a player a spot I let them know that spot is theirs if they want it but understand this is a high level team we have a high volume of players coming to tryouts and other offers will be made until the roster is set.


COME ON COACHES!!!  don’t hold a player hostage because you’re afraid they can go to another team. If you are not offering what they are looking for why keep them? If you have a mid B level team and you offer a STUD A player looking to complete against the best in the country a spot and you cant offer that then why hold them? There are teams for everyone just make sure you are in it for the right reasons. Do your job as coaches and make the player better!


Every coach is not for every player, trust me! I’ll use myself as example. If you are a player that can embrace the grind, love to work hard and COMPETE at all times then you will love to play for me. I have fun and have a good time I don’t yell, I will make you run hills and gassers to get your endurance up that’s my form of yelling. But if you don’t  like any of the above I just listed then you will be unhappy with me. Making the team is the start, playing time MUST be earned! I don’t run a pay to play program, put in work, hustle! get dirty! be a great teammate on the field in the dugout and off the field and the rewards will be there. I PROMISE YOU!

I am a coach that is dedicated, practice is 3 days a week if we don’t play, I will give any extra time I have to help with playing, recruiting, school or just life in general!

Pick a team wisely! ask about schedules, commitment levels, conflicts with school, team goals, individual goals. And please by all means don’t go TROPHY HUNTING!  the trophy should be the player is getter better!  Just so you know all my coaching trophies are in a box because my trophy is watching them succeed on and off the field!


That post was all over the place but it felt good to post again. My next blog will be about RECRUITING and I have a special guest that will give us her input! She runs her own camps and her own team/program and has been in it for a very long time! so stay tuned!!




See you on the field!

Coach Berto





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