How many teams? How many tryouts!

so as we move into try out season and coaches are looking for ALL the best players I want you all to keep this in mind.

From the top of my head I’m going to name some teams.  don’t feel bad if I leave your out your organization.

Virginia Legends

Virginia Glory

Virginia Crushers

Virginia Cannons

Virginia Unity

Virginia Stars

Stars National

Lady Lightning

Ashburn shooting stars



Arlington Sage

Loudoun Liberty

Tsunami Fast pitch

Mount Vernon magic

Loudoun Inferno

Xplosion Fast Pitch

Stafford Stealth


Competitive Edge

Great falls sharks

leesburg revolution

agsl comets



Vienna velocity


to name a few!


If every organization had just 1 team of a 15 players roster than you’re talking about 405 players. for one age group per organization . Ok so now imagine if all these programs had 10u through 18u and some even do the 11u and 13u and 15u, so those are more teams and players (about 2,025 players) .  These are all teams I can THINK  of in the NORTHERN Virginia area. in fact all teams I can drive to from where I live and get there in an hour or less.  Keep that in mind coaches and parents.

In my opinion we need to stop looking at the shiny new toys and the shiny names and start looking and researching these coaches.  Find out your players goals and expectations and then do tryouts by that.

the coaches are what players should be looking for!

Do your research folks! go to many tryouts. I am a coach and we all have our happy faces on and we all paint pretty pictures for everyone. Find out about the coach and coaches, we hold player responsible for working on their own time and getting better, is your coach doing the same thing to get better?

When you buy a car you don’t just test drive one car, same with buying a house. This is your more prized possession! your child! so make sure you are making the right choice for them!


Good luck to all this tryout season!


See you on the field,

Coach Berto


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