The love for my team!

So I can’t sleep and I realized why, you know this feels like a moment in life when you’re heartbreaks a minute. I know how the players felt after last nights loss and I can’t help but to feel for them. Last night was one of those days that the ball just didn’t bounce our way, and I get it but I don’t like it lol.

I bet you all my coaches are awake right now (West coast time 5am), go over the game last night in their heads. Listen we love our players like they are our own! This isn’t a hobby or just volunteer work this is what we love to do! We have 13 daughters! We love them like they are our kids! We spend so much time with them we should get child support lol. But seriously we love this! This isn’t an act this isn’t me or my coaches putting on a show. This is real emotion for our kids all 13 of them!

I know how the kids felt last night because I took all of their emotion and weighed it on my back (as did the other coaches), my heart broke because they could of won that game with ease against one of the nations to teams. But I can guarantee you this! They will come out fight tomorrow! And whoever is in the opposite dugout better be ready for a scrap!! You can guaranDAMNtee that!! So now we fight our way out of the losers bracket! Time to unleash these sandlot kids and handle business!!

These memories we build together last forever! I wish all my players can borrow my eyes for one day so they can see what I see when I watch them play! I believe in them all! I love them all! Yes #WeAreLegends but most importantly #WeAreFamily

I love to coach! WE love to coach! This is why I coach more than one team because I love this!! Not because I want to lure the best players. But because I love to coach! Any age, any bracket at anytime! The players are what matter!!

See you on the field,

Coach Berto.

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