Lets be honest.


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So since tryout time is almost done and some made decision they will love, some made decisions they were rushed into, some made decisions they were unsure of and some made decisions because they panicked.

First off let me say this to some parents, BELIEVE IN YOUR KIDS!!!!! stop thinking they are not good enough. Put them in pressure situations and let them work their way out of it. Teach them to be accountable. Stop giving them a way out, “oh baby I’m sorry things are getting hard, lets find you and easy situation”.  PLEASE STOP BABYING THESE KIDS!!

being directly involved and watching the tryouts unfold, is pretty damn crazy! people are literally putting out bold face lies to attract players. “hey come play for me and I will get you in college”, “hey come play for me I will get you seen”, “you want to play the highest level of ball, come play for me”. First off how the hell do you know its high level ball? because you said so? what if the players you decided to select for you team are not everything you imagined and the team isn’t successful? then who’s fault is that? , or what if the talent is really good but the coaching sucks and the team isn’t successful? then do you put that on your next tryout flyer or do you blame the players”.  What is this I’ll get you seen mess? coaches do you not understand the leg work players have to do?  do you really? if you do then my hats off to you because that’s what we need. But if your just claiming to get a player seen then realize everyone can claim that.  I was coaching a game where there were about 20 D1 coaches kicking it and watching the game, ok mission accomplished right? they were seen and I did my part right?   well you did do what you say you were going to do, but now what? stop feeding these parents and players so much bullshit. You are part of the problem!  just because a TEAM in that program was a part of a players SOFTBALL success does not mean that every coach in the program holds that same luxury.

Now lets look this part. All these teams that put “ELITE”, “GOLD”, “NATIONAL”, “PREMIERE”. What makes your team that?  that’s a real question,  what makes the team one of the above?  You know what my older team is called? Virginia Legends-Bell/Arroyo. That’s it! we have earned the right to be called all of the above but who needs that? I don’t, it doesn’t do anything if we cant compete, but that doesn’t matter right? lets just make the name look purrrrdy so people can attract more players. When we beat these labelled teams does that take away their title because we don’t put it on our team name? because if that’s the case I’m making some phone calls and getting it removed from all the labeled teams we beat. Just teach the players to play the game! fundamental softball! everything will fall into place. But if you feel its necessary  to call your team all these fancy things then go head. But if your team doesn’t live up to it, do not be disappointed when players leave.

I have seen some tryout post where it literally had almost every SEC, PAC 12 and ACC schools on it saying that’s where they send players. SERIOUSLY! that’s what its coming too?  You know the Virginia legends have been around for over 30 years and we can literally put out a post with hundreds of schools on it?  AGAIN! stop trying to feed the players/parents bullshit!  there are less than a handful of coaches in the northern Virginia area that have the ability to get the job done when it comes to helping with recruiting. But for some reason its on every tryout post. “oh yea we had a player go to Auburn (15 years ago) so put this jersey on if you want to go to auburn”.  LOL this shit is getting real comical! .  I get you want to make things attractive and you want to be the team/organization that the players come too, but if you don’t live up to your claims does the player get their money back? because they damn sure don’t get that time back.

If you need smoke and mirrors to attract players then maybe just maybe you should tighten up that coaching ability.  I learned something from my friend coach Craig a long time ago, and that’s as long as I have 9 players I will coach them to play the game! and that’s how it should be. Coach players! don’t just manage! be a coach!

Just so you know recruiting rules changed, so stop feeding the BS to these 12 year old too.  WINNING ISNT EVERYTHING at that young age!!  teach these players who to play fundamental softball so when its time to step on the bigger stage they will have a very solid foundation, not just a player that is fools gold.


sorry for my small rant (I could of went on for hours) and ill see you on the field,

Coach Berto



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