So I have a question for the coaches out there.   For the coaches who are on the winning end of a game when a team is run ruled, how do you feel?  do you feel bad? do you have the players run off of the bases early?     for the coaches on the losing end, how do you feel?  do you get mad if you feel the other team is running the score up? does it bother you if a team keeps the pressure on no matter the score? how do you feel if the other team has their players leave the bases early?

So I have been on both sides of a run rule in my coaching years. I think my first 12u ever I was run ruled more than half of the time ..  yea we were not very well coached.  But I am a competitor!!  I actually took offense when teams would leave the bases early. Sometimes the ball doesn’t go your way, or you hit the ball directly to the defense, things like that happen. But if you are going to beat my team then beat them, we don’t need sympathy just keep playing. we are the coaches and we need to prepare our teams for competition, we learn more by losing. Don’t jump off the bases early it doesn’t help my team get any better. That’s just my opinion. I would like to know how other coaches feel about being run ruled  or beaten badly?


On the winning side of the things I actually don’t pay attention to the score until the umpire asks me “hey coach what’s the score”, then I find out and then I feel bad. Id truly don’t pay attention to the score and I’m sure any of my parents or opponents will tell you that. I always talk to the 3rd baseman when I’m coaching from 3rd, and they are so nice that I don’t want to keep stealing and scoring. Yes I am a competitor as are my players but I still have a heart.  I am  conflicted when we are up by more than 10.  I know how hard players work and I don’t want to demoralize them. But maybe I’m a softy….lol..


What are your thoughts on it?

this is a short blog, its been a while.  I will actually be starting to attach a VLOG to this. Do some video and talk to the people.. so to speak!


thanks for reading!!


See you on the field,

Coach Berto

2 thoughts on “RUN RULE!”

  1. In my opinion, I’m in favor of stepping off if up by 10 runs. If on the winning side, I’m anxious to get our girls on defense because it allows us coaches to throw more pitchers and try girls at different positions. If on the losing side, stepping off keeps the game moving yet still allows girls an opportunity to try different things.

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  2. My first year of 12u a team was putting it on us mainly because my team could not make routine plays. I look up and the coach is motioning to his other coach to step off. This coach and I are good friends to this day mind you. I got pissed, it wasn’t like they were hitting bombs and lighting us up we just could not make a play! I called time out and went right to the coach. He was not sure why I was coming over. I told him if he could to score a hundred cause that is what I would do to him if I ever got the chance ( we still laugh about it). It is a fine line. I think the best thing to do is bunt and give the team a chance to work. Touchy subject for sure, just my thoughts…..

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