Better Coaching!

Hey softball family,

So i know wrote a blog a while back called “who you yelling at”?    Well after going to a couple tournaments this fall and watching games and coaching my teams. I always look in the opposite dugout to see the moral of players and if coaches are frustrated. I do this for 2 reasons, for 1 it lets me know I’m doing my job if the coaches are scrambling to figure out what we are doing, I check players body language and their energy, and I like to match that with my players  positive energy. The other reason is I like to see what other coaches do when things are not going so well, how do they react, how do they respond to a bad inning, errors or strikeouts.

Ok so I just wanted to take a few seconds to recognize a lot of these coaches in the area. I have watched a lot of 12 and 14u tournaments this fall outside of what my teams have played in. I really like what I’m seeing. Last summer my 12u played a team called the Comets and they were a 12u team (i do not know the level) and our 12u team was beating them. The team made some mistakes in the infield and outfield, but the coach didn’t crack. This coach was positive and kept his players in the game mentally, and was COACHING the players. He wasn’t demeaning them or removing them in the middle of an inning or changing positions mid inning. This coach took the time to COACH, he didn’t scream or yell and make the players feel like its all their fault. He took the time in between innings to coach them and keep in the game. No he wasn’t coddling them or giving false hope, he was coaching them. yes the team made mistakes but the players kept learning and they were being coached. I love seeing it!

Our 14u team was competing and we won and lost on Saturday and we sent a couple teams home on Sunday. I didn’t see any coaches lose their shit so to speak. Now I cant speak for practice, that’s where the hard work comes! sometimes a coach has to bark here and there but we are stilling  coaching. Players are learning and coaches are learning and we are all in this together, TEAM first!

Coaches always remember the product that is put on the field is a replica of what is put in at practice! create a winning culture! have your leaders lead and be the example. Sometimes the team captain is harder on the girls than the coaches, and that’s ok. We like to pull the team captain and let her know what we expect so she can keep everyone working! but when all else fails point to the hill and tell them to take   I am proud to say the coaches that i coach with are incredible! and we keep each other in check. I am not always calm cool and collective so I pass the baton to my coaches because their voice will do more for the girls than mine at that moment.

Shout out to all the coaches out there putting in work! please don’t baby these girls or coddle them and keep the expectations HIGH! If they don’t listen make it track practice!

hope all of you are having a great season.

see you on the field,

Coach Berto

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