So Many Tournaments (Warning!! Rant Ahead)

This one is for my 14u team, I don’t have a HUGE issue with the older team because we really don’t play but 1 local tournament and they are looking for national tournaments. But the younger teams?!!!  I mean really!


Hey coaches and admins have you ever taken the time to really look at how many tournaments are happening at the same time in the same area? lets say within 100 miles. I am trying to find something competitive for my younger girls to play in.

I wish tournament directors would communicate so they can put on a much  bigger show. Work together, maybe I’m wrong here but I’m tired of going to tournaments with only 4 teams in it. I would actually think the sanction tournament would lose more money than make. But I’m not a big part of that so I couldn’t tell you. This is from my perspective.

Why is there a team limit of 8 for some of these tourneys, is it because there are no fields? is it hard to manage? I honestly don’t know and that’s why I’m asking. I am just frustrated because I look around and there are so many tournaments being played at the same time in the same area. Why not work together?

So I’m here to call a spade a spade, if you don’t like it then that’s ok. We all have opinions. But one thing I’m going to do is keep it real.

Over the last year I learn a good lesson, and that is I will NOT sign up for a tournament that is promoted by organizations if their teams are not signed up in it. Why would you promote something that your teams will not compete in? You expect other teams and organizations to sign up for something you wont sign up for but yet you put your name on it?  I see it a lot now, but its not everyone.

yea yea yea yea I know people have to pay the bills and keep the lights on so why not just jam pack 4 tournaments in the same location? might as well right? max of 4 teams in each  that’s what its coming to now.   Here is an idea, call me crazy but why not put on one tournament and all the teams sign up for that one? crazy idea right?

and to go off subject I like the double elimination format, it still guarantee’s 4gg, 2 pool play then straight into elimination. but that’s another story. and the silver bracket?  don’t like that either. but that’s just my opinion.


anyway I just had to get that off my chest, so I’m probably going to be starting a YouTube channel here soon, so keep on the look out and I’ll post something about that if I do.


good luck to everyone playing and hope your having a great Fall Ball


see you on the field,

coach berto


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