Weekend Warriors (parents)

Somewhere in between here and there I lost focus on why I write this blog. Not because I want to be a people pleaser but because I want to give my OPINION on what I deal with in the softball world. My story about my daughter and I. The teams I coach and the things we go through. Being a married head coach and what my wife goes through. My kid going to college. parents, players all of the above, from MY PERSPECTIVE!.  I lost touch with that. this one is all about why I write this blog.


ok here we go (please ignore my typos and bad grammar/punctuation

  1.  I missed my daughters first game ever in life! it was bound to happen but I didn’t want it to happen. I have a baby girl on the way anytime now and I couldn’t travel past 36 in case the baby came. Well the baby didn’t come and now I’m mad at her!!!!!  lol  just kidding. Vanessa understood why I couldn’t go to Florida and I had a great family take her. Also Vanessa missed her very first tournament ever in life, not because she wanted to but because I couldn’t get her there. She had her SAT on Saturday and she wasn’t missing that, and then some things just broke down and I couldn’t get her there safely. So I had to make an executive decision and have her not go. It was pretty painful because I don’t want to let my daughter down and I don’t want to let the team down, like I said from the beginning these players are like my own kids, so every decision effects me when it comes to missing anything.  AND THE BABY STILL DIDNT COME!!!..  lol  its ok though.    The team had a successful time in Florida at D9. and very well against great 18u gold teams in Chattanooga.


2.   My 13/14u played this weekend and we did ok, we  didn’t hit very well and we took our LUMPS. but we found our way into the Redemption brackets (silver) championship game. We crap the bed in that game.  but in all honesty my girls are better than that, and although we love that we played 2 extra games on Sunday, but me personally I would rather lose in the gold bracket then win in the silver, but that’s just me. I am super competitive and I will not apologize for that. I want my players to think the same way. So now the players have to hold on to that for the next couple practices to remind them that we must work harder!  I was very hard on the players at the end, we DO NOT SETTLE, we WILL NOT SETTLE!.  I love softball because everything is a life lesson, as I told the players I am a “Boss” at work and if my employee’s come to work to do the bare minimum or less then I will find someone to do the job, so you must out work everybody!  If a player gives 100% every single time and we end up losing then I’m ok with that. but if we lose because we do not give 100% then I am not ok with that. The next couple of practices will be very telling, as a coach  I need to do better and I will. This doesn’t all land on the players, us coaches will do our part as well. One thing for sure is this team is a piece of my family! and we will do it together. We knew we would take our lumps,  we just have to keep improving and we will.   We will definitely improve.  This team steps up to the challenge! #WeAreLegends


3. when, how and why are parents on the sidelines so “INVOLVED” in the game?  (not talking about parents on my teams). when I coach 3rd I keep my ears open (yes they are huge) and I hear parents complain about EVERYTHING. My team cheers for their team (as they should), but from the sound of some parents we shouldn’t even be doing that. Listen here folks this is a team sport! ALL my players will support each other we don’t care what the score is. I heard some parents say “how immature”, please!!! you should come watch the 16/18u play, they are LOUD! because they love each other and support each other!. they are not disrespectful because I will not allow that. But hey will cheer, whether you like it or not.

Unless you are an assigned Umpire for the game then leave your comments to yourself. We teach our players to play the game and let us coaches coach and handle the umpires. So when parents scream at the umpires or challenge the calls made, what example are you showing? its ok for your player to turn and look to the umpire and say  “are you kidding me blue! this isn’t golf”?  its ok for them to turn and say “that’s not a strike”?   SET AN EXAMPLE!! if you cant be there to support your daughter and her team then leave. sit in centerfield and keep that to yourself, because I promise you no one around you wants to hear it! Outside of 1 game we played this weekend we had some good umps.  You know what I teach my players. a strike is what the umpire calls, so adjust to it! not the other way around, sorry it doesn’t go that way. as a coach if I feel I need to say something I will, if I need to challenge a call then I will.  If a coach wants to risk getting thrown our or take the chance of having a smaller strike zone then that’s on the coach. Don’t be the parent the pisses the ump off.

So this weekend I called time in a game and I heard a parent from the opposing team make a comment indirectly to me about me calling time.  Listen folks let me be the first to say I’m not the one,  Let me coach my team the way I coach my team. You have an issue with it, then come to our practice and run my practice lets see what you got, and don’t mind me and my remarks in the background.   I coach because I love it, I mean I love this sport and teaching these players the game and life. I don’t get paid and I don’t want to get paid, its me paying it forward. I have knowledge and I will share it. So if I call time there’s a reason, if you have an issue with me and how I coach my team, then when the game is over pull me aside  away from the girls and have a conversation with me. Don’t go shouting sweet little nothings behind the fence. But again, come to watch the game, come to watch your daughters and their teams. Don’t come to be heard on the bleachers.  your setting a horrible example!

since I’m on the parent subject I need to give a shout out to my teams parents this weekend. They take care of each other and the players and of course the coaches. Thank you! I am so grateful! I don’t think I had to ever search for a drink. I love all of you.!

I just think we get away from why we wake up early to bring out kids to the field. We want to see them have fun and succeed. 5% or less go on the play collegiate softball, don’t forget that. So be the #1 fan not the #heckler!



I swear I had more to say but I kind of ranted a bit on the last one, lost my train of though.


See you on the field,

Coach Berto


1 thought on “Weekend Warriors (parents)”

  1. Hi Coach Berto, I love this post. It has been a long time since you coached Heather. Heather certainly learned a lot from you. Even then we knew from just watching you and how you coached the girls that’s you loved it. Always thought you were a great coach. Just wanted to say Thank you .
    The Saylors

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