Respect the game!

Hello all,

I have been a way for a little while, I have a new daughter in my life that was born in the beginning of November and life has been a bit hectic ever since. My First born Daughter signed her NLI to play ball and get her education at Hampton University, if you follow me on social media you know I’m crazy proud!! I also lost my sister in law a week after my daughter was born. That was very unexpected and a hard pill to swallow. We as a family have come together and have a strong bond so we will get through those tough times and we will also enjoy the accomplishments! Thank you all who have reached out I truly appreciate you all.


Ok now on to softball, I have had a lot on my mind lately and I’m going to speak my mind on it because no one really does.  Well let me rephrase that, no one says it out loud and claims it. They either throw shade or spread the rumor mill. The way I like to handle rumors is put everyone in the same room and then we can have a discussion and see who really is lying.


There has been a common practice over the last year I have noticed, and I have noticed it from individuals I have never met to people I know personally. But why is it ok for coaches to use these tournaments as a recruiting ground? literally coaches show up so they can find a talented athlete so they can try to entice them to leave their current situation to join their team.  I have seen right before my eyes coaches tell players they would look good in their uniform, or come guest play, or how about come just work out.   Do we not honor anything anymore? Listen if a player is unhappy for whatever reason an they choose to leave then that’s on them. But I will not be a coach that says come play for me because my situation is better that your current situation. I would be a liar if I did that,  I think very highly of myself as a coach and I don’t need to put on a act to get a player to play for me. Any player will ever tell you if they have come to work out or tryout for me the first thing I say is “I am the best coach in the world”. I say it to break the ice and I think high of myself. Am I the best in the world? who  but I’m a student of the game.   anyway back to what I’m saying.    Here is my opinion to shy this keeps happening.   Coaches do not want to coach anymore, they want to have a team with studs on it and will do it by any means necessary. Why coach up a kid who needs help when you can get a player who is already well versed?  Its easier, and lets be honest this is a generation of hey lets find the easiest way.  I am not saying I’m perfect because I am not, but I know for damn sure that if I get beat by an ace pitcher I’m not going to try and steal her. My job is a coach is to make my players on my team better, not go compete until we find enough talent. We always talk about how the kids are entitled and are spoiled but a lot of coaches out there are walking that same line.

here is the best line, come play for me I’ll get you recruited.  That shit has to stop! Let me tell you a story about my daughter, take a quick guess on what got her recruited. She got herself recruited. I was approached by every recruiting group about how they can get my kid recruited but for a small price. I was a sucker and I literally wasted money about 2,500. You know what we did? She went to every single camp of schools she liked, she worked out on her own, she work out with her team, she went to lessons to sharpen her skill, she was on a team that competed at the level she was looking to play and then she hit repeat! She worked her ass off to get noticed and she did.  So parents don’t fall for the crap, if your kid is a D1 athlete then she will have d1 work ethic on the field and off. So for those of you who go to these huge tournaments, take a quick note. There are about 60 teams each age group, about 15-17 players a team, these coaches cant see everyone so you MUST GO TO CAMP! SEND EMAILS! SEND VIDEOS! and not to just one school to every school you are interested in. Yes it is a lot but ask questions, check your major, talk to the coach, do you part and you will find the right fit. Trust me the right fit for everyone is NOT D1 in the SEC. Be honest with yourself and what you truly want. stop falling for these coaches that claim they can get it done for you.

Also coaches most of these players are under the age of 18. So if you are to contact a player  make sure you go through the parent if your going to play that game.  I know you fathers out there do not want a grown ass man communicating with your kid without a parent present. I know me as a dad I don’t want that.  Female coaches as well. I know we all are coaching and we all did our background checks right? if you did on USA softball then you know there are new parts. And there is a part about this. So please coaches go about things the right way. You know damn well what’s right and wrong.

Respect the game people! its not a damn sweepstakes! coaches need to spend time coaching! If you don’t know how then DONT COACH! not everyone is a great coach. I was a horrible coach when I first started but I spent years trying to get better and learn from great coaches. Be patient with your athletes, love your athletes and you will get the best out of them. But if every second your out there trying to pick up a stud for a weekend then no one will play for you! and if they do it will be short lived! Like I said I’m not perfect I have made many mistakes but I own that and I try to get better. If you are one of the cherry picking coaches trying to steal talent mid season then you are part of the problem!  Parents before you put trust in a coach do your research!


Advertising for players and athletes is completely different than trying to be slick and steal players, just to clarify because there’s always one!  lol


have a great winter workout1 put in the extra work and ill see you on the field!

Coach Berto

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