For every player, coach, umpire, spectator, parent i feel your pain! I miss the dirt in my sneakers, the structure of practice. I miss the parents and the family environment they gave my team. I miss my coaching staff, they way we love our players and invest out lives into these athletes, not just for the season but their future! I miss the time with the team!


Softball is my sanctuary!

everyone has something that keeps them at peace. Softball does just that for me. You would never of thought that if you knew me in my past. I have grown into someone i would never recognize if i ran into the person i was. I took Selena and Vanessa to the field the other day and it felt so good. watching my 16 month old hit the dirt running and also helping Vanessa work on her swing. My wife was there with nico as well, just watching and enjoying the field. I miss that. Softball has become a large part of my family and its missing out of my/our lives and its hard to adjust.

I miss my players!!!  let me say that again …  I….MISS!!!  MY!!!!  PLAYERS!!!.   dont get me started on them all! i love them all and i miss them all so much!  everyday im tempted to just text everyone to meet me at the field! but i cant, not right now.  I am an emotional person/coach. I miss my team! they were so ready to break through this spring to even higher heights this summer (oh we playing this summer just some extra rust to get off).

I miss being on 3rd base or in the dugout coaching these ladies to compete!  our dugout is SOOO LOUD!  not just regular loud but “yo wheres the party at” loud! i love it. it gives you chills. no matter the score these ladies are AMPED!!!!!    being at 3rd base listen to the other teams parents say how annoying we are, or how we need to grow up!!  ha ha ha!!  sorry fans, but the coach is a kid (me) and i love when my team gets rowdy!!

top to bottom!  and in no specific order!  i love my players!

-Keyonce who is the life of the party and is so hard on herself when it doesnt go her way but always finds a way to fire up her teammates or hit that CLUTCH! line drive! .

-Mighty Mouse Marie! this right here is one of the O.G’s, i met marie at a 11u tryout and she was a baller!!  Marie is not the tallest lol but she is a fire cracker! and backs down to NO ONE!!

-Cassie “BIG COUNTRY” Miller- she is taller than me (thats not hard) but i remember her tryout in the facility and cassie can SLANG than ball! cassie is a leader and has a very strong faith! im glad she has fath in us as coaches! because she is a baller!

-lexi beach! – also one of the O.Gs, ive been hard on lexi from day one and she responds everytime! and always asks question and is willing to do what it takes to get it right!

Jenna Fellman- jenna always has is the last word, meaning everytime i have a video or something here comes jenna out of no where with an outburts!  jenna has been working hard to get back to game time, she had a bad concussion and had some injuries! im happy she is back to form and ready to get on the dirt!

Amanda Ashe- so quiet, showed up and watched her pitch and let me tell you amanda has something that is hard to teach, i cant tell you because we will play you!  lol  but when you see this kids growth you will see what i mean!  and amanda hit a bomb this past fall! kids is crazy strong!

leighton “leelee” gary: i am so happy this kid is on my team!  if there is anyone that has an idea of how hard i was on my daughter then this kid right here will write you a book. Because i am so hard on this kid its crazy. She has this look that speaks volumes!, but one thing leelee does is outwork you! with her behind the plate i better watch out cause if trump wants a wall this is the kid!  lol

Sade brooks-robinson- the smooth operator! shady is so quiet and very polite and to herself, and she loves the game ! when she is on the mound all that kind goes away because she is slangin the ball! and she is so tall by the time she released the ball she is on your hands! sweetest kid in the world!

Emily Macinnis- came to me mid-season and had some catching up to do. and she was game!  emily is the ultimate team player! and puts the team first no matter what! by the way she was blind too!  not literally but she just recently got some new contacts and her swing is looking HOT!!  cant wait to see it in the game!!  proud of this kid right here!

Kirstyn “BUTTER” Baker- this kid is smooth when she pitches and her movement will piss you off when your players hit the tip of their bats..lol  she plays with emotion and fire! and she works so hard! and she came into winter workouts with dark hair and i didnt recognize her..lol..

Janel Day- first day i saw this kid was indoors and she was hitting off the machine, she took a year off of travel and stepped back into it. this kid is FIRE!!  she didnt know it yet though. she hit her first bomb last year and is a hoover with the glove! janel has a big dawg bat and she is ready to throw down whenever and where ever. she hit me in the arm too.  it hurt a little  lol

Kayli “kaykay”Lamboy-  they write books about kids like this, kay kay called me after her tryout and said she wanted to play for me. I was really excited because i have heard great things, but never saw her play outside of the tryout. This kid hits BOMBS OVER BAGHDAD!  coming to us as a 12 year old. she is a gentle giant, has the smarts of a seasoned player, if you watch her at bat approach you can see why!  when we played in the 16u showcase and Kay kay was hitting bombs i had to let the other teams know she was 12.  lol.. this kid is a different kind of special!  and she thinks she can dance..lol..

Cora Lilly- we haven’t had alot of time together because you are new to the team. but this kid has some  whip!!  great addition to the rotation and excited to see her play that middle infield!!  has good foot speed and immediately fit in with her teammates!  excited for her future!

Kyra Leonard- Another new addition to the team, love this kid! they came all the way out from Roanoke and put in some work! crafty lefty with good pop and movement. pitching coach is the legendary LB Bailey! if you dont know him look it up. Kyra is looking to be pushed by her teammates and coaching staff and trust me when we hit the field she will!


i can walk about these players all day long. but i haven’t been able to so i had to blog!  lol  ill be posting new blogs soon but i had to get this one off my chest.


Some new posts coming out soon so please be ready to read,.

if my families and players are reading this. i love you! i miss you!


for everyone else reading this. I know your love for the game is huge, and we all hurt for our kids. Be smart and make the right choices now so we can get back on the dirt!  i dont know you but i love you all! keep your heads up and pick up a ball and throw with your athlete. they will love it!


see you on the field (sooner than later)

Coach Berto


1 thought on “I MISS YOU SOFTBALL!”

  1. Coach Berto, thank you for all you do, especially for putting together our 14U coaching staff. Cant wait to see these girls back out on the field!

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