The love me until they hate me



i have realized one thing, that when my wife tells me something to listen to her. She has called every single one, she said oh yea watch they are the first to go. She is right all the time.

i learned that the ones have loved me the most have loved me because their player is playing at the time but when another player is successful in challenging that players position then i become the villain.  “The love me until they hate me

Listen let me be very clear to anyone who is about to read this. If you play for me or a coach that is team first then be ready to go though it all. There will be a time where your bat is hot and you are in every line-up, there will be a time when you are in a slump and you are out of the line-up. There will be a time when you misread a ball and another player comes in and makes that same play and takes the position for a while. Pitchers, you will experience this more than anyone, because the player that’s the most consistent and can develop outs without the other team scoring, that player will be on the mound. That does mean the player not playing is bad, that just mean this is what works at this time. Players have a responsibility!! and that is WORK on your own and sharpen your craft so when its your time to step on the field, it will be difficult for the coach to take you off.  AND PLEASE!!  hit a bucket a balls a day! don’t just think its going to happen by accident. Those players that shine spend time polishing!   Be a team player! if your not clapping when your teammate is successful then you don’t belong on my team! If you are unprepared when your number is called there is only one person to blame. Teach these players to be accountable, take responsibility for their own failures and push and work through it to become better.  Just because there is a organization every 5 miles doesn’t  mean you have to try them out until the player is the star player on the team.  As a parent i want my kid to be surrounded by same minded players so they can rise together, there is always going to be a better player so surround yourself with them and find out why they are the way they are and adopt their habits!!  BE GREAT!    stop giving them a free way out! because i promise if you struggle facing the challenge in travel ball then college ball will break you!

the moment i start playing players because im friends with parents, or i think its “fair” that everyone plays, then i will step away from coaching.  The world doesn’t care how you feel, and when a problem occurs in life you have to face it straight on! So lets build these players to be awesome adults instead of entitled cry babies.


everyone’s getting back to playing!  I’m excited!  work hard! play hard! respect the game have good sportsmanship!


See you on field,

Coach Berto




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